Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to yoga. Am I ready for a retreat?

Yes! All levels are welcome. If you are a beginner, you will be supported for growth. If you are not so new, you will challenged physically, mentally and spiritually.

Can my partner come if they don't practice yoga?

Yes! We want you to have the best trip ever which means being with the one you love!

What is 'Power' yoga?

We believe that yoga taught in a vinyasa (flow) combined with breath awareness and mental observation you have the POWER to make changes in the way you choose to think and then in the way you behave, relate & live. That's the REAL power of Power Yoga Retreats!

Can I do yoga if I am not flexible?

Absolutely. Practice regularly and you will quickly gain flexibility and strength. All of our classes engage and stretch your muscles, improving your balance, focus, power and range of motion.

What should I pack?

Bring a mat and any other yoga gear you need; a journal & pen; yoga clothes.

What happens on a yoga retreat?

Usually, we will get up around 8:00 or 9:00 and do a guided meditation followed by a yoga practice designed to fit the needs of those attending. Then we will have a longer guided relaxation at the end of the practice. There will be time for journaling, personal growth and partner exercises to get to know each other better. That usually lasts until noon or a little before. The afternoon is spent either in a group adventure or on your own. If the group votes to have an evening practice we will do that as well. The teachers are always available for questions & help with your personal practice. Come with an open mind and an adventurous spirit and you will not be disappointed!

What if I don't have a roommate?

We can assign you a roommate if you want one but if you don't you can pay extra for a private room. Contact us for rates if private rooms are not advertised for the retreat you are interested in. We can make it happen!

How do I know what retreat is best for me?

Is it a place you have always wanted to visit? Do you want a small retreat? Do you want one with a larger group? If you are not sure of the group size, please email us and we will let you know. Do you want one more focused on personal growth, like our Book Club Retreats? Or, do you want one totally light, fun and full of adventure? Where are you in your life? Are you in a big transition or is everything coming up roses? Those are questions to take into consideration. And remember, you can always contact us for more info!

Do I have to participate in everything on the schedule?

The definition of 'retreat' is to 'withdraw or pull back'. This is an opportunity for you to check in with yourself away from the demands of your daily life. So, that means, if you feel like you need to pull back from the group then that is what you will be supported to do. These retreats are for YOU! And if you don't know how to check in with yourself to know what you need to stay happy and stress-free from day to day, PYR is just what you need!

What is yoga?

Yoga is a system of physical and mental practices that originated more than 6,000 years ago. Its purpose is to assist each one of us to achieve our highest potential, improve our health and discover joy through our connection with the mind, body and spirit. With yoga we can improve the quality of our lives by reducing the levels of stress and fatigue we carry in our bodies. We can live longer and better together.