Power Yoga Retreats

Power Yoga Retreats (PYR) exists to provide a lighthearted yet soulful approach to empowered living through travel, yoga, and self inquiry. We believe the journey to enlightenment is paved with adventure. Forge a new path, live your truth and make new friends.

Our definition of Power Yoga may be different than what you may think. The style of yoga we love, teach, and practice is vinyasa. Vinyasa yoga is purposeful movement coordinated with breath and guided by intention. A well-taught vinyasa yoga class has the power to relax your mind but keep you very present, alert and aware physically. When your practice is guided by an intention to live at your highest potential, your subconscious mind has the opportunity to absorb new empowering beliefs. That’s what we mean by Power – power to change your mind, your behavior, your life!