After doing my yoga teacher training, I wanted to share some of what I learned with my wife. We decided to go on the Costa Rica Power Yoga Retreat last May with Teri and Krista. It was amazing! It helped us get on the same page and understand how yoga could enhance our relationship, we also got to renew our vows on the beach at sunset! This retreat was definitely a life changer for us.~ CherylRegistered Nurse & Yoga Instructor

Krista and Teri – Thank you for leading an amazing experience in Costa Rica with Power Yoga Retreats. I signed up for the trip not really knowing what to expect (I’d never been on a yoga retreat before!), but knowing that I was feeling restless, tired and ready to change up the daily routine of my life. I almost didn’t do it, I really wasn’t in the best financial place, but I went for it at the last minute and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I got what I expected – yoga and relaxation time – and so much more. I walked away refreshed, empowered and with a true sense of purpose in my life. It was a perfect blend of yoga, self-reflection, fun and relaxation time. I especially loved how flexible you were to the needs of the group and adjusted the scheduled based on what we needed – sometimes what we needed was more yoga or meditation, sometimes what we needed was a zip-lining or surfing trip! I appreciate how you made space for authentic connection with group dinners, nights out on the town and relaxation at the beach – I left with more than just a refreshment of myself, I left with new life-long friends and beautiful memories. One of the highlights of my trip was during one of the group lessons. This statement will always stick with me and remains one of my gut checks when I start to get caught up in the day to day stresses of life, “the degree to which you resist is the degree to which you will suffer”. For me, it was an awakening to all the areas of my life that I was working too hard at the wrong things, struggling with expectations of others and going against the grain of what I really wanted from my life. I was so focused on doing what I thought others wanted me to do or what I should be doing, that I had sacrificed my own happiness and wasn’t able to be there for the most important people in my life. Thank you again for helping me to see what is truly important and re-focus my priorities. At the end of the day I walked away with powerful tools for my life, wonderful friendships from our trip and more gratitude than you could ever imagine. I can’t wait to join you on another retreat! #YogaFunLove #loveyouguys~ JessAsst. Manager, Lululemon

Going on the first Power Yoga Retreat to Mexico rocked my world! I learned through yoga and discussion how much my thoughts about a certain situation was limiting me. On that trip, I learned what it meant to give myself permission to live freely and authentically.~ JenASL Interpreter