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Tamarindo, Costa Rica
September 3, 2015 - September 9, 2015

“Sometimes you gotta get a little crazy to get sane!”

I was just about to write up a summary of our last trip to Costa Rica when someone sent me an email with that subject line.

“sometimes you gotta get a little crazy to get sane!”

That may sum up a lot of what our PYR trips are about. Maybe it is a little crazy to go to another country with a group of people that you don’t know very well and share your practice, share your meals, share your stories and your life with them. But, our experience has been that by the end each person in the group feels encouraged, supported, strengthened and, a little more sane!

When we arrived at Hotel Diria in Tamarindo we were greeted with locally beaded necklaces and tropical drinks. After a long day of travel, we looked forward to our first yoga practice. PYR had arranged for us all to visit a local studio, SER Om Shanti. It was a lovely studio in which the gifted teacher guided us in a challenging yet restorative practice.

Our covered outdoor practice place at Hotel Diria overlooked the palm tree lined pool. It was a perfect spot to move, breathe and connect each morning. PYR’s guest Valerie Valentine of Valerie Valentine Studios lead us in a guided meditation and art therapy program to support the group through sharing and personal growth throughout the week. The art we created was simple and powerful. Valerie was a fantastic facilitator and is a valuable resource for PYR. We are all a little more sane because of her!

Nothing like a catamaran ride to bring clarity and absolute joy! After swimming and playing on stand up paddle boards in the Pacific Ocean, our group erupted in an impromptu dance party that engaged the other people on the boat as well as the crew. There’s just something about going on an adventure that lights up the soul!

One of our retreaters spent his last morning fishing. He came back with enough to feed the entire group! That evening we went to a small beachside restaurant that cooks what you catch. It was wonderful for all of us to sit around a big table sharing the meal provided by one of our own. So much Love….crazy Love…..sane Love….

Maybe there’s not much difference between crazy and sane after all. Maybe taking a trip is the way to find out!

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